Sunday, March 29, 2009

Finishing a Waltham Rocker

I am applying the second coat of gel varnish to this Waltham rocker. It will get probably four coats of varnish in all. At this point it has two coats of milk paint, one coat of penetrating oil before the gel varnish. It is a bit smelly. That's why the vapor mask. I use this gel varnish for my painted furniture because it leaves a nice soft sheen. Most finishes get too shiny over milk paint, and oil alone is not enough protection against wetness. There is nothing quick and easy about a good finish.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hunt Table or Irish Wake Table

My latest project is known as a Hunt Table or an Irish Wake Table. It will be on it's way to Ireland soon I hope. It is a very elegant design consisting of a narrow center portion of the table supported by four square legs with an apron structure. There are two large leaves that open to be supported by double gate-legs that swing out from the center of the table.

The leaves have a rule joint. This is a fairly common way to join a leaf, but it is a joint that needs a great deal of patience to make sure that it works smoothly. The oval shape of the top was also a bit of a challenge but I love the graceful shape.

Later, I will post images of the base structure. It is coming along nicely.