Saturday, October 21, 2023

Round Pedestal Dining Table

This is a very hefty table designed with a concert of subtle curves that lighten the look. The very solid foot structure lifts the column two inches above the floor to further lighten the look. The round apron has a strong bead detail that sits proud of the surface allowing it to catch the light and eye. The larger bead details on the post echo this detail. The subtle curve of the post blends gracefully to the top to the feet. The top is varnished hard maple with a hand planed soft edge detail.  The base pedestal column is turned by hand from a cylinder of cherry and the feet and apron are made of cherry. Don't hesitate to ask if you have ideas based on this look or other ideas that you may have.

The table is 5' across. The base is cherry with milk paint sealed with Osmo hard wax oil. The top is maple with a varnished top to resist water marks etc.
The semi circle edge detail is inviting to the touch. The strong bead details catch the light nicely.

The customer for the piece had a large roll in the design. We went back and forth with ideas until we found something that we both felt was a strong design.  Below is the final 3D drawing of the table before I began making it. I drew this is a cad program so it it very accurate. During the building process, I can go back into the drawing and find measurements that are critical to the creation of the piece.

Enjoy the Fall weather!