Thursday, November 27, 2014

Cherry Trestle Bench

A client asked for a trestle bench to go with my Trestle Dining Table.   It was impossible to scale the trestle structure down exactly as it would be much too weak but I was able to incorporate many of the  details that the table has.   The edge treatment for the top and base is the same as that of table.    The bench needs to be very strong as it is under more stress than a table with perhaps more than 300lbs of leaning, shifting, scooting humans at each meal.    The backless design also works well as sitters can climb in and out from the back without  the need to scoot the whole bench out.  
My exposed bed bolt design makes for a very sturdy trestle to beam joint.  The joint also has a glued mortice and tenon. 

The trestles are constructed with wedged, through tenons top and bottom. Very strong.

Steel hold down clips keep the top attached to the base.  I had  these made by Rob Grant, a local machinist who has helped my out in the past with other metal work needs.  

Robert Grant or Orwell, Vermont made the hold down hardware for me.  He works fast and delivers them in a nice little wooden box.

Everything in place.