Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Curly Maple Trestle Table with Painted Base and a New Cod Rib Rocker

Last week I finally delivered this table to a very nice couple in Vermont.  Many think that I would do a lot of work for people in Vermont but usually my local work amounts to one order per year.

I was very happy to receive this note a few days after the delivery.

"A note to let you know how much we appreciate the beautiful craftsmanship and finished result of the tiger maple trestle table.  The words used by our guests were’ stunning’ and they reflect our own sentiments.  You surprised our expectations!"

A tiger maple key to match the top.

Below is a new Cod Rib Rocker with the added detail of the carved gutter around the base of the spindles.  A while back, the same client in California requested the gutter detail on some New Waltham Side chairs.  I usually only put the gutter on my painted chairs but I think it looks nice.
Don't be afraid to suggest detail additions or modifications.  Many times the results are great.

The garden is doing great after all of the rain that we had.
Enjoy the rest of July.