Saturday, December 7, 2013

Trestle Table with Painted Base

This is a trestle table that I made for my house.  The base is my standard trestle table design but I decided that I had to speed things up a bit so instead of full through mortice and tenons on all of the trestle joints, I used my bed bolt joinery techniques.  It saved me some unpaid time but is just as strong as the traditional methods.  Also, the the bolted cross beam instead of the wedged tenon leaves a cleaner look I think.  The only drawback is the visible socket where the nuts are inserted in the inside.  On this painted version, I do not mind that.  
Anyway, I will be offering this to Trestle Table clients as an option.  
The slots on the top are for the table top hold-down cleats.  The other three are for the nuts that go with the bolts which hold the trestle parts together.

I really like this bolt on the end of the trestle.

My table is curly maple which can be very hard to find and is finicky in that it moves a lot.  Cherry is more stable and would look great with a painted base.

Enjoy the pre-Christmas season,