Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Tiger Maple Trestle Table for My House, Finally

When we first moved into our house, we used a small - four person- kitchen table that I made.  About 8 years ago we had Thanksgiving at our house so I put together a larger table made out of saw horses and three rough pine planks that were left over siding for the house.  We are still using that table. Not for long though as I am finally making us a table.  The top is made up of three (I had to keep something from the old table) wide tiger maple planks.  It will have breadboard ends and a milk painted trestle base.  Since time is always an issue, the base will be a simplified version of my usual Trestle Table base.  It will look the same except the cross beam will be joined like a bolted bed rail instead of using a keyed through tenon.  Also, the joints in the trestles themselves will be bolted mortice and tenon joints instead of 3" long through wedged tenons.  This simplified design may be something that I will offer to those who are trying to keep price down where possible.   There are not many times where there is an opportunity to save $ when making quality furniture.  I will let you all know how this base works out.

Below, the three tiger maple planks sit together, surface planed but not edge jointed.
 The glue-up below.
The table had a few very pretty sap pockets that I filled with clear epoxy so that they will be smooth.  I like these character marks.  They give the table some landscape.  
 This table is for me, so I do not have to worry about little things that I would otherwise worry about.  There were two damaged spots on one board so I inlayed shapes of cherry to add a bit more landscape to the surface.   When you sit at the same table for three meals a day you really get to know it.  A tiger maple table with these character elements will be nice to sit at I think.  I know our kids will enjoy finding them.

The video below shows the breadboard end being test fitted to the table.

More on this table at a later date as it progresses.
Have a good one,