Saturday, June 23, 2012

Cherry Dresser- Dovetailed Drawers

This piece is almost completed now but here are a few shots from last week.

There is nothing like a hand cut dovetail joint for adding that something to a fine piece of furniture.
Trimming the drawer to fit.
Half-blind dovetail joint after gluing but before planing the joint smooth.

After planing the joint smooth with a hand plane

fitting drawers in the case. (the top is still missing.

a few of the finished drawers.

Monday, June 11, 2012

New Kitchen Work Stool

I was asked by Razan Brooker, owner of Interior Touches in Boston,  to make a larger version of  kitchen/work stool  that I usually make.  Pictured below is the new stool with the original in the foreground.  
The new seat is 16 1/2" by 10 1/4" and the original is 14 1/2" by 8 1/4".   The original is designed as a stool that I use at my work bench.  It is narrow enough to straddle and to put one foot on the floor for some leverage while hand planing or chiseling.   The original also works well as a kitchen bar stool but this new larger design is very nice.  The larger seat gives more support for longer sitting times.
In order to make the new design work, the legs were also made a bit larger.  
The seat of the new, larger design is still very light in color as it was just finished.  The cherry will darken down like the original design in the foreground.  The new stool is also 1" taller but that was only because the counter height where these are to be used.  

Above is the new design alone.  Without the original in the same picture, it is hard to tell which is which.
This is how most of my new designs come about. Someone makes a request and if I do it and I like the results and it fits with my other work, I add it to my lineup of products.  There are many ideas for pieces  that I have never had a chance to build since they have not yet been requested.  If you have ideas, feel free to ask.

You can see the original Kitchen/ Work Stool on my website.  Here.

Enjoy the warm weather,