Friday, March 4, 2022

Each Bed: Custom Made for You

 When you buy a bed from me, it is made to fit your particular mattress so that it will finish off at the height that you prefer.  Mattress lengths and widths are standardized and are available in sizes such as king, queen, full, twin.  The thicknesses, on the other hand, vary greatly.  

When I take an order, I get the mattress size, King or Queen usually. If it is King Size, I always confirm if it is a regular King or a California King and there are also a bunch of other King sizes. The standard King is 76" by 80".

Once I have that, I need the thickness of the mattress and I need to know if there will be a box spring. Some mattresses are designed to be used with a special box spring, so I would add that to the mattress thickness.  Most mattresses today are substantial enough to work alone and only use a "box Spring" to raise the mattress up from a very low metal bed frame. These "box springs" are actually just boxes and do not have any spring function.   In general, on my beds, the mattress sits directly on wooden slats that are closely spaced to give the mattress plenty of support.

Now that I have the mattress  thickness, I then figure on a finished height for the mattress.  The customer can suggest a height that they's like, or I can put their mattress size into my drawing and then give them a range of height to decide from.  We always have a short discussion by email about this, with drawings being sent by email to confirm what they will be getting.

Mattress placement drawing. Mattress in green.

Below is a short video showing how I move things around in the drawing to figure out the mattress height. I cannot make the bed without knowing where the mattress will sit because I make the bottom headboard sit at the top of the mattress. Thus every bed is a bit different.

changing the mattress height from 27" to 30"

Besides, making the bed fit to your mattress, I also offer some options for my pencil post beds. They can have hand turned finials at the top of the posts or cross pieces that connect the tops of the posts. These both come at an additional cost.
Hand turned finials are an option.

Enjoy the rest of winter.
Sleep well