Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Cherry Dresser Under Construction

I call this dresser the Side by Side Dresser for obvious reasons.  The case is almost done at this point. I only need to put the back and top on.   This last few days were spent putting the face on the case structure. Some of the pictures show the dovetail joints that are used to join the horizontal drawer dividers to the vertical face pieces.  These joints are very time consuming because the length of the piece has to be just right as you are fitting both ends at once.  A single end joint would be comparatively simple.  Note that the end panels are darker. This is because they have one coat of oil. This was done so that they would not be glued in place during the assembly of the outer frame.
I have developed a technique for building the case that makes it very stiff.  Before this, the piece would might rely on the face and back to keep from racking side to side.  This piece was completely rigid even for the face went on and the back will only give it more support.  I sleep well when I know that a piece like this is very strong.
I made this piece for the first time in 1999.  You can see that piece on my website. Here.
Enjoy the end of spring.
The case stands ready for a top, drawers and a back.  It was built on a level platform to ensure that it is true as can be. My floor is not very true, which is not so much of a problem with 4 legs, but with 6 legs, it must be true or the case may sit and rock on the center legs or stand unsupported in the middle.

The upper joint is ready to go in. The lower joint is finished.

Two chiseled mortices ready for the dovetailed cross pieces.

Fitting the small vertical drawer divider piece.