Sunday, February 21, 2016

What's New? Lots!

In my digital world, Instagram has been a huge new thing.  Please take a look at my page at     It is a good place to see what is happening in my shop in an off the cuff way.  Lots of shots of things happening as they are happening.  Pretty much whatever catches my eye.  The drawback of Instagram is that I have been neglecting my blog posts.
So, here are a few things-

I got a nice picture from an NY customer, showing my their round ended trestle table that I made for them last year.  It is nice to see it all ready for guests.  The round ends allow is to seat 8 people very nicely.  A previous post about the building of this table is here-   and finished pictures are on my website here-

I made Waltham Arm chair #102 a couple of weeks ago. I am now working on #105 and 106 and will start soon on #'107 - #114.
You will notice in the picture below, I marked the chair as #101.  I just looked through my book and saw that I had already numbered a New Waltham Arm chair with an office base with the number 101. Oh well. Case of the double 101.

Below is a Cod Rib Arm Chair that I made back around 1990. I just delivered a dining table to them and they were customers from way back when I was getting started.  I made some of my first sets of chairs for them. This one had a seat glue joint that needed some attention and while I had it, I decided to replace the braces on the legs.
I do not know what number this chair is but it could be under number 20.

Currently, I am making Cod Rib Arm Chair # 118.  The drill but not shaped seat is sitting on a seat for a 5' Waltham Bench in the same condition. I have another cherry version of that same bench roughed out to the same point.  Whenever I can, I like to make more than one at the same time as there is a lot of set up for each step of the way. These benches will be #13 and #14.

Below are some of the many spindles that will go into those two benches.  32 for each bench. Lots of hand planing on the shaving horse.
Winter did not really make it here this year. It has been a strange one. So, here is a parting shot to fit the strange weather.My daughter Claire and a "her size" Darth Vader.May the Force be with you,Tim