Saturday, October 4, 2014

Evan's Table

the table looks more orange here than in reality but cherry is very light when it is new. It will darken with age.

This is the Boat Top Table that I just made for a friend of mine from college.  The time consuming part of this table is due to the curved aprons that follow the same curve at the sides of the top.   First the aprons must be laminated into a curve and then the tenons that join them to the legs must be cut.  I suppose if I made this table all the time, I would have set up a jig to do this joint on a machine but since the last time I made this table was in 1999,  I did the joints by hand.  Planning is critical because I needed a large flat area in which to lay out the joint and to cut the joint.  The table top was perfect for this.   It allowed both ends of the curved apron to lay on the same plane so that they could be marked square to each other.
a solid plank is sawn into thin flitches which are laid out here for glueing.

the flitches are clamped over a form that I made in 1999 and have not used again until now. I was lucky to still have it.

the glued apron coming off of the form.
the rough lumber for the table top
final glue up of the table top

Two glued up aprons

set up to cut the shoulders of the tenons for the joint to the legs
the saw runs along the clamped scrap piece to make a nice straight cut. The tenon shape can be seen  marked on the side of the curved apron.

after the saw cut is made, the tenon is sized with a rabbet plane.

the curved apron joined to the legs

the rough table top glue up is made even with a hand plane, planing across the joints until they are all even

after rough sawing the shape, the top is propped in place so that the edges can be made true with a hand plane.

the ends are also planed smooth with a hand plane

sometimes other small jobs need doing.  my guitar was dropped on the input plug and a hole was punched through the side.  I glued on a cherry patch to reinforce the area.

a string of large rubber bands make great clamps

reinforcing corner braces and a center cross piece are added for strength

the table top os held in place with wooden buttons that allow for seasonal movement

and there we are

And,  in case you were wondering, the guitar is all fixed and working nicely.