Thursday, August 1, 2019

Woodworking Classes Offered This Spring at the HatchSpace in Brattleboro, Vermont

This Spring I am offering two of my most popular woodworking classes at the HatchSpace in Brattleboro, Vermont.    The Shaker Bench class already has enough students to run so sign up soon if you are interested.  We just listed the Cod Rib 12 class but I expect it to sell there as well.
To sign up, go to the HatchSpace website.

Make Your Own Shaker Bench:
Cutting Dovetails by Hand
March 14, 15, 2020, Saturday and Sunday, 9am-5pm

We will focus on making hand-cut dovetails while making this very useful bench/table.

Build Your Own Cod Rib 12 Canoe
June 14-19, 2020,  Sunday - Friday9am-5pm


In the past, I ran my own program of woodworking classes and these two classes were favorites of students.  I have decided to mix things up a little this year and offer these two classes again.

Feel free to contact me with any questions. Space is limited to 4 per class so you will get a lot of individual attention.

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Mid Century Modern Bench w/ Drawers

This Mid Century Modern bench has minimal look with rich warm wood that can fit in a modern or traditional setting.  The proportions of this bench were designed to fit in an entry hallway.  The drawers were for kids gloves and mittens and it is a good spot for taking off  shoes and boots.  It is strong statement of style as one enters the home.   This bench is made of walnut and ash. The walnut on this bench is stained so that it will remain dark. Walnut will lighten over time if it is not stained.  Cherry would also be a good choice in place of the walnut.
windsor bench, Mid Century Modern BenchMid Century Modern Bench, windsor bench

As all of my work is made to order, this bench could be made deeper and taller for more of dinner bench.  Also, it could be made in almost any length. The original of this design was 14' long and was built in two sections, joined in the middle.
Mid Century Modern Bench, windsor

Take a look at my website to see all of my furniture. The page of Benches and Settee (the same thing really) is here

Enjoy the warm weather,


bunny in the yard

Three Versions of My New Waltham Windsor Chairs

My Waltham line of chairs is made up of an arm chair, side chair and benches. These are all finished in milk paint and have some traditional detailing. They are designed to have a traditional look but with a comfortable fit of a modern chair. They have a deeper seat and my trademark "Floating Back" design that gives with the sitter.

The New Waltham chairs are the same chairs but with a more modern look.  They have a natural finish and most are made of cherry and ash.

My New Waltham Side Chairs are designed to be a chair with ample room and comfort.  The seat is round and inviting and it easy to move around in. You can sit straight or turn easily to accommodate changes in position or for entry and exit from the table.

windsor chair, Vermont, cherry and ash, modern windsor chair 

Below is a shot of the New Waltham Side Chair with a New Waltham Arm Chair. Notice that the arm chairs arm rail passes behind the back spindles. This is my trademark "Floating Back Design" that allows the back to flex with the sitter. It is much more comfortable than a traditional Windsor that does not allow for this movement.

windsor chair, arm chair, modern windsor chair, Vermont, Timothy clark

Below are two New Waltham Arm Chairs and a Tall New Waltham Arm Chair (center). Most of my customers order the standard New Waltham Arm Chair but occasionally individuals order the Tall version for the ends of the table or for a stand-alone chair.

All of my chair designs can be found at
Please take a look and contact me to discuss the right chair for you.

Enjoy the Spring weather,