Saturday, May 18, 2019

Mid Century Modern Bench w/ Drawers

This Mid Century Modern bench has minimal look with rich warm wood that can fit in a modern or traditional setting.  The proportions of this bench were designed to fit in an entry hallway.  The drawers were for kids gloves and mittens and it is a good spot for taking off  shoes and boots.  It is strong statement of style as one enters the home.   This bench is made of walnut and ash. The walnut on this bench is stained so that it will remain dark. Walnut will lighten over time if it is not stained.  Cherry would also be a good choice in place of the walnut.
windsor bench, Mid Century Modern BenchMid Century Modern Bench, windsor bench

As all of my work is made to order, this bench could be made deeper and taller for more of dinner bench.  Also, it could be made in almost any length. The original of this design was 14' long and was built in two sections, joined in the middle.
Mid Century Modern Bench, windsor

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