Thursday, February 18, 2010

Windsor Rocking Chair

I really love these chairs.  It is nice to still be very happy with a design after a few years of seeing it.  With some designs, I will tweak them for years but this one seems to work for me as is.  Here I am trimming off the through wedged tenons with a Japanese Ryoba saw.  The only hand saws that I use are the Japanese Ryoba and Dozuki.  European saws just seem to take away too much wood.
See more about the Cod Rib Rocker here.    As I just checked the Cod Rib Rocker page on my website, I did notice that I have changed the grain direction of the seat on the new chairs. It now runs from front to back instead of side to side.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Windsor Benches: working with what you have

Right now, I have four custom Windsor benches  underway. Pictured above is one of the bench blanks having one of its legs holes drilled.  In the past, I have used small hand held drill angle jigs to drill holes in bench seats but nothing beats the mechanical advantage of a drill press to drill a large hole with ease.  The chain fall is the real star here can be easily adjusted up or down with one hand so that I can get the angle just right before drilling the hole. This way, there is no straining on my part to hold the seat blank up.  Also, the chain fall is mounted on a trolly so that it can roll along the steel beam that runs the length of my shop.   This tool can lift about a ton so it is grossly over qualified for this job but it works well and saves my back and arms from a lot of stress and strain.
This blank is for a 6' Waltham Bench.  Also under construction now are two 3' Waltham benches and a Cod Rib side armless bench at 4 1/2 feet.  These benches are not on my website yet but you can see my other benches here.