Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Chairs Delivered, Drawers Dovetailed

 Today, I delivered this set of Waltham chairs to a client who lives only 20 or so minutes away.  A nice change from the usual need to pay a shipper to deliver or to plan on a two day trip.  The chairs have a nice new home with great natural light and will spend their days around a nice table that was made by a friend and competitor, Paul Donio.  I'd put a link to his site here, but we are after all, competitors.  He can be found on google.   He does nice work.  Don't tell him I said that though.  

Anyway, it was nice to see the chairs in a modern clean setting.  They seem to work well with traditional or modern decor.
windsor chairs, Waltham Chairs by Timothy Clark of Waltham Vermont

On to the sideboard-
Below are the hand cut dovetailed drawer parts for four drawers all ready for assembly.
Here, the sideboard is finally ready for final sanding and painting.  (The drawers do still need to have their joints planed.)  The knobs for the drawers and doors will be added after the painting is complete.
It is hard to see in this photo but there is a nice thumbnail detail on the edge of the top that I just shaped today after and before my chair delivery and before picking up my son from school, taking him to  his guitar lesson, picking up my daughter from her after school drawing class, taking them home and then taking her to a swimming lesson. The days do fill up quickly.
Next up are all of the chairs and stools that I mentioned in my last post.
Enjoy the sleet, rain and wind.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Purpose of this Post: Progress on Present Projects

Once in a while in the midst of all that I have to do, I need to get a piece done for a show. Usually once a year.  These two chairs are what I have built for a show with the Guild of Vermont Furniture Makers that is taking place at the Helen Day Art Center in Stowe, Vermont.  January 18 through sometime in April.  I delivered these today to the gallery. It should be a very nice show. All of the other pieces are spectacular.  These are my regular Waltham chairs but with a thin crest rail like that on my Cod Rib chairs.  I like the look.  The paint is a very dark brown that is a bit warmer than black.  Here is a link to the Museum.  Click Here.
Waltham Chairs by Timothy Clark, Cabinetmaker/Chairwright

Waltham Chairs by Timothy Clark, Cabinetmaker/Chairwright

Below is a list of what I am working on at present.  If you are a current client, you will notice that I have listed projects by piece and state.

Right now I am working on a Painted Sideboard for a Vermont client.  I am waiting for the hinges for the cabinet doors to arrive so that I can fit the doors. They have been delayed at the factory.  I cannot start painting until I have the doors all fit.

Along side of that project, I have been building a set of 6 Waltham chairs for another Vermont client.  These chairs are almost done.  The backs should be going on this weekend and the two arm chairs will get their arms by early next week. Then a week of painting and finishing and they will be done.

Next are a few smaller orders that will be roughed out at the same time.  First to be completed will be a single Cod Rib Side Chair for a client in Virginia.

Then comes is a set of 4 Bar Chairs (with New Waltham seats) and a Kitchen Stool for another Vermont client.    At the same time, I will be making one Bar Chair will the regular Cod Rib seat for another Vermont client.

Then is a Waltham Arm Office Chair (painted) for an Ohio client.
At the same time, I will be making two Cherry and Ash (natural finish) Waltham Arm Office Chairs for an interior designer in Connecticut.

After that,  come 2  Painted Waltham Rockers for client in Florida.

This has been a very unusual season with 4 clients from Vermont.  Over the years, orders from Vermont are very few and far between.  Maybe one small order a year.  A single chair or a couple of stools.  Not sure if it means anything.

Enjoy the warm weather.