Sunday, March 11, 2012

New Pictures of Work Recently Delivered to California

Here are a couple of great pictures taken by the client in California who just received the Trestle Table II with Leaves,  a 6' New Waltham Bench and 6 New Waltham chairs that I had written about a few weeks ago.  I seldom get pictures from clients that show my work in its new home.  I do love to get them though.  The cherry is still pretty pink as the work is brand new.  It will darken up with time.

Below is a comment from the client about the work after it had arrived.

"We want to express again how delighted we are with each of the pieces. The wood you chose and the way you matched the pieces is beautiful. Your craftsmanship and your attention to detail is appreciated by us."

I have to say that I never feel that the project is truly complete until I hear that the work has arrived safely and that the client is happy with my work.

It was a beautiful day here today.  Tomorrow, my four year old is out of preschool and I think we may try and go for a bike ride. (her in the trailer, as I am the one who needs the exercise)  It is supposed to be sunny and in the high 50's.
Enjoy it,

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Cutting Dovetails by Hand

Here are two videos showing part of the dovetail cutting process.  My video camera is starting to lose its sound so I will have to get a new one.  It takes great video though so I am very sorry to lose this one.  many cameras cannot get in close and also make a clear image.
This set of dovetails is for the back of a drawer that goes on the inside of a wardrobe that I am building.

The first shows marking and sawing and the second shows the chiseling part.

Again, visually, I think that these work.  Sorry about the sound. Time for a new camera.
In the past I have done quite a bit of filming of processes.  I am hoping to put together a series of "How To" videos covering some classic furniture making techniques.  All of my old footage is on tape instead of digital. Converting it is one thing. finding it is another, so I will probably just make new films.

Enjoy the warm weather,