Thursday, April 19, 2012

Cherry Shaker Inspired Wardrobe

A wardrobe is a very traditional piece of furniture from the days when houses did not have closets.  They can be built in countless combinations of hanging space, shelves and drawers.  This customer wanted a lot of drawer space with some sweater storage above and full length doors to cover it all up. On a piece this big, it can be a challenge to match all of the wood. The large drawers (11-12") called for glued up faces but each one is glued up from one board "folded over" on itself so that it matches nicely.  Also, the top drawers are made from the same piece so that the grain continues across both drawers. The panels of each door are continuous grain from bottom to top and the vertical door frames are matching.  (The two where the doors come together are from the same piece and the outers are from the same piece.)  When a cherry piece is done correctly, it will appear that all of the cherry matches nicely.  This is usually a trick of the eye.  It is really a matter of the builder putting pieces together so that the changing tones of the wood make sense to the eye.  The same pieces of cherry arranged in different order can have a very disjointed feel.

The feet of this piece add lightness and elegance.

Knobs with a black milk paint finish add contrast.

Lots and lots of hand cut dovetails. Half blind on the front of the drawers.

Through dovetails are used on the back of the drawers.
Even the bottom is of solid wood.
Have a great beginning of the summer.
Here is a shot from our start of the season. We took advantage of the good weather and made it to the New Hampshire coast this last weekend. My wife and kids below, enjoying the sun.

Time to get the garden started,