Friday, June 20, 2014

Early Summer Workshop Update

The Trestle Table w/ leaves six New Waltham Side chairs and a New Waltham Side Chair Rocker were finally delivered to California a week or so ago.  Things are still cranking along though.  Eight New Waltham Arm Chairs that are bound for Washington state will be getting their last couple coats of oil.  One Cod Rib Rocker that goes with that order, should be constructed today and a second one that is bound for Germany is coming together nicely.  With that will be a custom new Waltham Arm Chair that will have a tall back and no 'hands' on the arm rail.
Closely following that is a 5' Waltham Bench and two Waltham Arm Chairs that are bound for a spa in MO,  The parts are all roughed out for these so they won't be long.

I have been coaching my son's soccer team this spring and our final games are this weekend.  It has been fun but it will be good to have that time back.

Next up will be 4 New Waltham Side Chairs going to New Jersey.  These go together relatively quickly so should not be too long.

I just visited The Edgewater Gallery in Middlebury, Vermont where I have a couple of rockers and sat in my Cod Rib Rocker.  That really is a comfortable rocker.  It has a very long smooth rock.  I don't have one so it has been a while since I have sat in one.
One of the Cod Rib Rockers going together.
windsor side chair rocker
The New Waltham Side Chair Rocker that went out to CA.  It is small for a rocker but very comfortable. It sits more upright than normal rockers so it can be used at the dining table or desk.

Daughter, C, with some colors of early summer.  I could tell you what the flowers are but I'd have to ask someone.  I just like the way they look.

Looking from the back yard to my shop.  I love this time of year.

double size windsor chair
I made a double size version of my Waltham Side Chair this spring for a PR event for the Town Hall Theater in Middlebury. No, that is not photoshop at work.

Son, Ben, at work sanding floor boads for the new project boat. They are all painted now and ready for the boat that I have not had time to touch. Ben is a great worker when I can wrangle him to help.

Siri being hauled off of the trailer and flipped by my family.  Reunions are useful.

Mom and Dad sitting on one of my 5' Waltham Benches at my brother's house.

Trestle Table w/ leaves
The Trestle Table w/ leaves attached, that went to CA recently.