Sunday, September 25, 2011

Furniture Show in Woodstock, Vermont

By the time Hurricane Irene hit Vermont, it was considered to be a tropical storm but it dropped so much rain that it had a huge impact on parts of our state.  On my way to Woodstock by way of Route 4, I passed these signs of the destruction.  These pics were taken today. 9/25/11
upended building near Bridgewater Corners

smashed house a further down the road

a wooden deck steel bridge that was torn right off of the banks

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Just down the road,  this last shot is my booth the the two day Woodstock Fine Furnishings Show.  I sold a couple of chairs which makes for a successful show and may have chair set orders coming from this.  It was a smaller crowd than last year but they were people who were very interested.  Time to get back to work now.
We were very lucky to have not had any damage from the storm.  I am glad that I was finally able to see what the storm actually did.  You can hear it and see it on the news but until you see it , it is hard to really understand the impact of it all.  I am amazed that more people were not killed.  The water carved such huge swaths through the valleys.  A lot of road crews etc are still hard at work trying to repair the damage.  I think the impacts will be seen for quite a while.
Have a good one,