Saturday, November 5, 2011

Mariner's Raw Teak Chart Pencil

Teak is an amazing wood that is often used as the decking of all kinds of seafaring craft. It is amazingly rot resitant even when left unfinshed. Most teak decking is actually left unfinished and will weather to a grey or when oiled will be a warm brown. I have left this pen unfinished so that it can gradually take on a burnished warm brown with use. The .7mm pencil lead seems to work well for chart work. Not too thick a line and not as prone to breaking as a .5mm lead. 
While a pencil is necessary for the chart table, a pen is nice to have for more permanent writing, so I also make a pen with a Cross twist mechanism in raw teak.  I had a piece of teak around from my boat building days and thought it might be just the thing for the mariner or armchair mariner.  


Teak Chart Pencil- $30 -pictured above (includes a drawstring pouch)

Teak Chart Pen- $30. (includes a drawstring pouch)

Teak Chart Pen and Pencil Set- $50.

Pictured below is a new pen made of Wenge.  I bought a board of Wenge about 24 years ago and made a few hand plane bases with it. I still have a bit of that in the shop and decided that it might be good for a pen.  It is a very hard tropical hardwood that will polish with use. The finish is wax alone to bring out the color.  This pen would cost $30.

Happy Fall,