Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Windsor Chairs and a Thriving Economy

I have not been very good about posting this past month or so.  Things are very busy right now.  I seem to be setting up deliveries and writing quotes for orders quite often these days.  A good sign for the economy I think.  

Below is a photo that I received the other day of a set of my Waltham Chairs that I made for a Vermont client last year.  A fellow guild member, Paul Donio made the table and at present I am making six of my New Waltham Side Chairs for another client who is also having a table made by Paul.

The client notes-  "I didn't realize it when I took the shot, but everything in it, even the forged candlesticks and watercolor painting in the background, are all done by Vermont artisans."

I love the canvas floor cloth.  It is made in Perkinsville by  Lisa Curry Mair of Canvasworks.

windsor chairs, timothy clark, vermont furniture, hand made

We are finally getting a bit of snow.  3 or so inches so far. Not much, but believe it or not, they cancelled school today.  It is pretty.
Back to the shop to put the backs on a couple of Waltham Arm Chairs and to work on a 6' Cod Rib Settee. 
Enjoy the snow.  

Next up- New Waltham Chairs and a Trestle Table w/ leaves.