Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The last Snow?

We had quite a snow last night and this morning. We had already cut the grass twice and the trees were blooming.  This tree was all weighted down with snow a few hours earlier.  The very green grass and other warm weather greens were very striking next to the snow.  It was a very heavy snow that did actually bring down some smaller trees.  The trees are at a disadvantage as the snow sticks so well to their leaves this time of year.

Back on the home front, Claire had to run and get her guitar when I put on a John Lee Hooker documentary after school today.  She is figuring out how to hold it.  You can see her tongue in her cheek as she concentrates.

Some pieces that I am working on in the shop are two 36" benches and I need to finish up another pencil post bed and an office chair.  Pics of those will come soon.

Enjoy the snow.  It should be in the 70's by Saturday.

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