Sunday, January 16, 2011

6' Bench on Schedule, making it right.

I have a hole in my work schedule due to needed mattress dimensions from a client, so this gave me a chance to get a project done on time for another client's desired delivery date for their party.  So far, I am on schedule.
I don't consider myself to be a very compulsive person but in some ways I guess I can be.  When something is not right in my work, I do everything that I can to make it right.   I had to throw out the first crest rail that I made for this bench.  I rushed the drilling and neglected to look at my notes from past jobs.  This resulted in a rail that would have been passable but would not have given the spindles the grace that they should have.  So, out came the glue-up jig again and I made a new one.

Then.... after the bench had its first coat of oil on,  I noticed some blemishes due to incomplete sanding on the seat.  (many times things are visible after oiling that are not visible before)  I consulted some friends about the look who said it was fine but I really hate to let things like that go.  I really noticed it, so last night I took the whole seat down to bare wood again with 40grit paper and bringing it back to 220. It had to be done last night in order to meet the delivery date.   Now it looks great.

For me, the extra work is worth it since the reward is being able to deliver a piece that has my full confidence.  I sleep better too.

Below are some shots showing a stack of cherry veneers (you can see the edge of the log on the left side of this first shot) .  The veneers are sawn into strips and then glued and clamped over a jig to form a rail with matching grain and great strength.

arm rail, just off the glue jig

seat blank, drilled for spindles, before shaping

finding the right splay for the end spindles
adding spindles, first two, then one at a time, unlike a chair that gets them all at once. This is actually easier than a chair because I can leave it unfinished to go have dinner or run an errand.

grinding the seat down to bare wood and below blemishes.
The seat after finish sanding for the second time.  Ready for oil, again. (the line in the middle is a shadow)

I forgot to mention that this was a custom bench. The client asked to have the bench as shallow (front to back) as I could make it in order to fit in a specific space.  I took an inch off of the depth and I actually like the look. It did not suffer for it.  I may make them this way in the future.

Well, we have great snow here today and warmer temps.  Later this morning my wife, kid and I  will head off to go snowboarding at the Middlebury College Snow Bowl.

Have a good one,

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