Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Trestle Table w/ Leaves II

It is always nice when a new design is well received.  Over the years, I have had many orders for my standard Trestle Table.  It is an example of what I generally strive for.  A look that is based in tradition but also somewhat modern looking.  Strong, clean and elegant if I may describe what I think of it.  

Last year, I made my first Trestle Table with leaves which was well received by the client and soon after, a new client ordered the second of this design.  There is a lot going on so it is still not simple the second time through.  That being said,  I was very happy to see that I did not feel the need for any changes this time.  On many pieces, I tweak designs each time I make them.  I feel like I got it right on this one the first time.  The pictures below are taken just as the table was almost finished.  A few details are not completed such as mounting knobs on the ends of the leaf slides. That was a few days ago. Tonight, I just gave it all its first coat of oil.  Pictures of the finished table #1 can be seen here.
fitting the leaf slides

one leaf in place

the concave edge of the leaf is shaped by hand to match up with the end of the table.

Two weeks ago I hiked up a nearby peak. It still looks like this today. No snow in February. I am so glad that we did not buy a ski pass this year.

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