Monday, September 1, 2014

New Windsor Chair Design and Happy Labor Day

Well I am finally getting to the end of a big backlog of work.  I had many chairs that are over-due but they are finally all built have been shipped.
One Cod Rib Rocker went to Germany.
8 New Waltham Arm Chairs and a Cod Rib Rocker went to Washington state.
2 Waltham Arm Chairs and a 5' Waltham Bench went to Missouri.
1 New Waltham office chair went to Ohio.

And this latest design went to Nova Scotia, Canada.

It is an adaptation of my New Waltham Arm Chair.  Most of my new designs come about by way of requests from customers.   This client requested a tall fan back and an arm rail with straight ends instead of the rounded ends that I usually do on my Waltham chairs.  I am very happy with how it looks and it is very comfortable.

Here is a note from the client that I just got after the chair made it there.

"Thought to let you know the chair arrived in great shape, and I am enjoying and loving it as I write this. Many thanks for making this beautiful chair."

I am calling it the Tall New Waltham Arm Chair as it has a back that is 10 inches taller than the regular arm chair.  This one also has a minimal arm rail without the round 'hands' that my regular chairs have at the end of the arm rail.  Click here to see this chair on my website.

It is Labor Day , so I hope to get out on the water sailing today and not to work. This from a few days ago.

Yesterday I finally took some time to dig into my 1946 Massey Ferguson tractor that has been sitting since early last winter when the water pump self destructed.  There is always some project that needs doing.

Enjoy the Day.

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