Sunday, March 13, 2011

It Was The Best Of Times, It Was the Worst of Times

This has been a very crazy winter as far as the snow goes. It just keeps coming. When the car needs a new muffler, it needs a new muffler, even during the snowstorm.  This is from one of the earlier storms.  The rest of these pictures are after our latest storm. The Big One.  It really was. Very heavy snow, a lot of it, and it came very quickly.  Some days, it has been hard to get anything done in the shop after hours of plowing with my 1956 Massey Ferguson farm tractor, and shoveling.  Well, the snow is pretty,  the skiing etc has been very good this year, and the kids have had lots of snow days.  At the beginning of February, I made the mistake of saying that winter must be almost over and it has not been that cold. soon after we had a string of deep cold and heavy snows.  I will keep my thoughts to myself next winter.   Happy Spring,  Tim
Yes, there is a car under there.
The path to the house just gets deeper and deeper.
Our kids, pretending that the picnic table is a ship in a sea of snow. (30" deep)

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