Friday, August 12, 2011

Getting Caught Up

I am finally getting some of my work done that was delayed by my illness with Lyme Disease.  That set me back a few weeks.  Below are some shots of low pencil posts that I am working on and one shot of the trestle table that I am finishing.  I will post more shots of that table when I am all done next week. Enjoy the rest of the summer,
Here I am planing the facets on the eight sided tapering posts for my Low Post beds.  I am working on two right now.  I am always a bit sad when this part is done.  It is a lot of fun. 

Here, are some posts before and after planing the last four facets out of eight.  Before, planing the last facets, the lamb's tongue must be chiseled. That can be seen on the posts to the right.  

This shows a finished facet and lamb's tongue.  The roughed out lamb's tongue is  carefully shaved to shape with a very sharp chisel and then the rest of the facet is planed to blend into it.
This is a detail shot of a curly maple trestle table that I am finishing up.  The wood has fantastic figure.

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  1. Looking at the curly maple on the table top - do you have any tips for laying out multiple figured boards side-by-side?