Friday, June 4, 2010

A New Variation on the Windsor Desk Chair

This latest desk chair is just a bit different from my last one.  This is my New Waltham arm chair design. It has the Waltham seat and arm rail but with a Cod Rib crest rail. This is the first of these to be completed, although I am now working on a set of New Waltham arm and side chairs for a client.  Those are standard dining chairs and not desk adaptations.  To see my other two Desk/Office chair designs to date. Click here.
The base allows for height and tilt tension adjustment as well as it can be locked in the upright position.  I price these the same as my regular chairs so this chair is priced at $965.   This price includes a carpet castor.  A floor caster is available for another $30. or so.  These really do add class to the home computer station.
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