Thursday, June 17, 2010

Part 2 Windsor Chair w/ Table for the "A Step Beyond" Show

This new chair design takes my New Waltham arm chair and adds a small table surface that will move from the outside to the inside of the right hand palm of the chairs arm.   I turned a cherry "candlestand" top for the table that will be a handsome surface but I wanted a non skid option.  To achieve this , I turned a corresponding mold piece in which I made a silicone pad with liquid silicone.  In the image above I am peeling the molded silicone out of the wooden mold.

Above, the pad is pictured in the finished top.   The nonskid nature of the pad keeps it from sliding around and it is a nice surface to keep a glass or mug from sliding also.  It can be easily taken off of the table and cleaned.   One of my first thoughts in coming up with this design was to create a surface that would hold a laptop computer without risk of it sliding around on the table top.
The metal parts are with the machinist now being finished up.  In a day or two, I should have the whole thing together.

Stay tuned,

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