Thursday, June 17, 2010

The State of Craft: A new piece for a show of furniture by the Guild of Vermont Furniture Makers

The show is called A Step Beyond: Collaboration, Innovation,  New Works by the Guild of Vermont Furniture Makers.

The opening for this show is on July 9 at the Firehouse Gallery on Church Street in Burlington, Vermont.

My piece for the show will be a chair with a moveable table surface.  In the next few blog entries, I will be posting pictures of the chair as it progresses.
Below, I am beginning to rough out the seat shape with an adze.   Next I am using an in-shave to smooth out the rough surface and to take it a bit deeper with more control.

Next the travisher is used. This too is a combination of spoke shave and hand plane.  It is produces a very controlled cut.  
The next two photos show the seat after the first shaping and then after the seat extension has been drilled to accept the post that will support the pivoting table.  I am working with a machinist who will take this rough pipe and make it into a working table support that we have designed together.

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