Thursday, December 2, 2010

Making Some Progress on 10 Waltham Windsor Chairs

I have just finished assembling the seat and legs for 2 Waltham arm chairs and 8 Waltham side chairs.  These will be painted with black milk paint.  The seats on my painted chairs are made of Poplar which is not very pretty but it is strong and it paints well.  The legs are made of ash.  The chair on the table saw still has all of its wedged tenon joints untrimmed.   That chair is having its feet marked for leveling on the table saw. Then I have it in the vise in order to saw to the marked lines and to clean up the other joints on the legs.  The backs will go on soon. First I have to finish shaving the 90 plus spindles.
See my chair page on my website to see all of my chair designs.

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  1. I've admired your work via the Guild of Vermont Furniture Makers for some time. Building one Windsor chair seems pretty tiring -- ten at a time must be exhausting!