Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Time to make the spindles...

Below are shots of the shaving horse and some of the 90 spindles that I am making for a set of 10 Waltham chairs.  I rough them out on the table saw and jointer but the final rounding and sizing is done on the shaving horse with a hand plane.  In order to make them match, they are laid out side by side.  If one is larger than the others it will be evident.  The eye is very good at detecting something that is not like the others.  The image at the bottom is a clump of ash shavings  (don't say this at home).  Ash is chosen for spindles because of its strength along the grain.  Even the shavings can be molded into a ball.  If you were to try this with cherry, you would end up with a pile of dust.

Our first real snow came yesterday. We got enough to plow. Today, I managed to get the chains on the tractor.  Each one weighs around 70 lbs so it is not an easy task. It seems that there is always a project get in the way of paying work. Especially this time of year.
Happy snow.


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