Sunday, June 19, 2011

Finishing the 5' Waltham Bench

This windsor bench is one of my favorites.  In my mind, it embodies the best characteristics of the first American windsor chairs.   Compared to other furniture of the day (mid to late 1700's) American windsors were very lean and streamlined.  My version takes it another step in the lean direction due to the Shaker influence that much of my work has.
Getting the shape right before final sanding of the seat.
Doing some of the detail painting work on the second coat of milk paint.

This shot shows the long lean lines of this bench. Also, you can see the chalkiness of the milk paint before it is oiled and varnished.

I designed my Waltham line of chairs and benches to be something that could have been made by a farmer.  All of the spindles and legs are shaved on the shaving horse rather than turned on a lathe. Fancy furniture would have intricate turnings for legs, stretchers and some spindles. Any farmer would have had the tools to make this bench.

Enjoy the dry weather,

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