Friday, June 3, 2011

Trestle Table Base with Through Mortice and Tenons, Wedged and Pegged

A trestle table in my opinion is the most sturdy of table base designs.  It also does not have an apron which leaves the sitter with more knee room.  Below are a few shots as one of the trestles goes together. The fitting of the tenon is a time consuming process to get it just right. The assembly is uncomfortably quick and it often feels as if I am forgetting something.  This table will be a custom version of the table on my website.
The trestle parts, top, post and base are laid out.

The tenons are slotted to accept long wedges which will tighten the joint after assembly.  The mortice or hole is wider at the top to allow the wedges to lock the tenon in place.

Large pegs are added to the joint to make sure that it stays put. Belt and suspenders.

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