Monday, July 8, 2013

Shelburne Bench Progress plus spindle shaving by the lake

I finally got the stainless steel back supports for the benches that I am making (above).  I had a local metal worker Nop Metal Works cut, bend and drill the steel to my specifications.  I then spent a day sanding and wire brushing the steel to make it presentable for display.  It is grimy work, so I set up outside for this part.

 Below is a shot of the 5' bench set up with a piece of scrap used as the back rest.  I have not made the back rest yet.

This shot shows the steel clamped to the seat.

In the shop below, the steel is now bolted with a stainless steel flat head cap screw.  It was very scary to drill through that seat.

Last weekend , my wife was away so, realizing that I was not going to get any work done, I tookmy kids to my parents camp in the Adirondacks and managed to get some work done on spindles for a 5' Waltham Bench.  It also was a needed rest.
This video is about the time is takes to do the hand work part of making these spindles. This bench has 32 spindles.
By the way, the camp is for sale and is a great place.

Enjoy the rain. What else can we do?

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