Sunday, July 28, 2013

Shelburne Museum Benches Final Assembly

This job is a great illustration of keeping your money local.
The steel tabs below were made for me by Robert Grant of  Rand B Tooling in Orwell, Vermont and delivered in a nice wooden box. These will hold the bench seats down to the base.  The stainless steel back supports were made for me by Nop Metal Works in Middlebury, Vermont.  I purchased all of the lumber at The A Johnson Lumber Company and Lathrop's Maple Supply, both of Bristol, Vermont.  I purchased all of the the stainless steel fastenings from a Fastenal franchise in Middlebury. Vermont.
That's around $4,000. spent locally in 2 months.  

Once the back supports are bolted in place and the base is fastened to the seat, the bench then needs to be turned over and lowered to the floor.  The 9' bench pictured below weighs 260 lbs. Too heavy for me to safely turn over on my own, so I used my chain fall to lift and lower the bench.  The chain fall made this job possible.  

The 9' bench flipped and ready for it's back rail.

The 7' and 9' benches all ready to go.

The nylon feet are adjustable just in case the surface where the bench will live is not level. They also will keep the wood up off of a possibly wet porch deck.
Stella was not happy to have a friend's dog stop by for a visit.

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