Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Busy Spring- Trestle Table and Many Windsor Chairs

Lots of things going on in the shop these days.
I am building one of my Trestle Tables w/ Leaves as well as around 20 chairs for a few different orders.

checking the surface during the process of hand planing the table top

My brother, Steve,  has been helping me out a bit lately with the work load. Thanks Steve.

all of the parts of the trestle table get a hand planed edge treatment. Just one of the details that set it apart from a  factory made table.

trestle through tenon joint ready for wedging

trestle clamped glues and wedged, (upside down) leaning against the table top

post and base of trestle

roughed out parts before shaping.
Below are a couple of shots of my new project boat. I have had plans to build one of these for 10 years but this one became available at a good price.  The name is Siri and it was built in Africa in 1981.  That's when I graduated from high school.  

It is hard to believe that we were in a deep freeze not long ago.
Enjoy the new weather.

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