Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Work Schedule- It is not Amazon.

I am finding myself a bit behind at the moment.  A bunch of new orders came in at the end of last summer and fall.
Here are a few shots showing the leaf edge that mates to the end of my Trestle Table w/leaves.  I use an antique molding plane to make the concave edge.  This is just another example of details that cannot be made by pushing wood over a power tool. The extension portion of this table has set my schedule back a bit so I want to apologize if this has caused any inconvenience to my other clients who are waiting for their work.

There do not seem to be many businesses like mine these days.  One person, just getting work done as it comes. At times, I am right on schedule but other times a job takes longer than expected and I do understand that that can be frustrating.  Today we (myself included) expect to a quick response from those we contact or place orders with.  
I have learned though that those who work on their own live with a different time structure.

I just contacted a sawer about buying a live edge slab of walnut and I did not hear back for about a week.  I almost completely forgot that I had contacted him when I did eventually get an answer.

I have one supplier of sand paper who I have never spoken to.  I have worked with them for the last 16 years or so.  I used to leave a phone message (they never answered) and a week or so later I would get my stuff.  It always made me nervous since they never acknowledged that they had received my order until I got it.  Now, I order by email but the same rule applies. No response.  Sometimes they email to say that it has shipped.  Sometimes not. The trust factor is interesting and satisfying that it works.  This supplier has been a welcome mystery in my life.


So, this is what I have next on the schedule.

Currently shaping seats-   8 New Waltham arm chairs for the state of Washington

Just glued up seats for -  

1- New Waltham side chair rocker for California
1- Custom desk Chair for Nova Scotia
2- Cod Rib Rockers- one for Washington state and one for Germany

Then a Cod Rib Arm Chair for MA, 4 New Waltham Side Chairs for NJ, a dining table for MA,  2 Waltham Rockers for RI, and a Low Post Bed for ME.

The finished concave surface.
A bit to my chagrin, these latest posts about this table have netted some interest.  I have recently received three inquiries about this Trestle Table.  Hopefully, I will move a little faster on the these next tables since it is fresh in my mind.  Orders seem to come in bunches.  I did a few beds last fall, then it was benches, then a gaggle of chairs and now the tables are having their turn.

Raining today.  A good day to grind out chair seats.


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