Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Cherry Trestle Table Making Progress

This table is almost completed but here are some shots from a week or so ago.  I like to have a breadboard end on my Trestle Tables but they are a lot of work to make. The full width tenon is a job to do.  The table which is quite heavy must be flipped over and back countless times in order to properly fit the breadboard end. 
The "end" before trimming to size.  The extra length makes it easier to  remove the end with a mallet during the fitting process.  

cherry pegs are shaped from scrap stock.

working on the extension slides for the leaves

the raw leaves sitting in place.
Next blog will be about the fitting of the leaves.

Soccer practice started today. We had a bit of rain but it was warm so it was comfortable.
Enjoy the new growth with the rain.

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